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[ft-devel] freetype cache

From: ayoub mejri
Subject: [ft-devel] freetype cache
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 16:23:44 +0200

Please I have a problem using freetype cache. Im a bigginner to image and C handling and I have 4 question about freetype cache.
First: I dont understand the parameter max_bytes of the function  FTC_Manager_New    Whene I set maw_bytes to 0, some character are not displayed, whene it is 2000 more character are displayed and whene it is 3000 a  few character are displayed
I would like to know which value must be set to max_bytes
Second: I would like to understand the meaning of the third parameters of the function FTC_CMapCache_Lookup, (cmap_index), and if it is the same as the second of FT_Select_Charmap, (encoding)
Third :I use the function FT_Outline_Embolden(face->glyph->outline, 1 << 6); after making FT_Load_Glyph (it display correctly) but whene I use the cache subsytem I makeFTC_Manager_LookupFace( cache_man,font_type.face_id,aface );then FTC_ImageCache_Lookup(image_cache, &font_type, glyph_index, &glyph, NULL); the I make FT_Outline_Embolden(*aface->glyph->outline, 1 << 6);
, but nothing is embolded: Please can you give some lines explaining how to make the algorithme and the same as FT_GlyphSlot_Oblique(*aface->glyph);
Fourth: the cache of freetype is used to store the repeted character or all the characters in the font after making FTC_MANAGER_NEW
Please if you can help me as soon as possible

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