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[ft-devel] missing 'const' on tt_post_default_names causes problems with

From: Graham Asher
Subject: [ft-devel] missing 'const' on tt_post_default_names causes problems with writable static data
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 16:42:53 +0100

Here's another small problem I found when porting to 2.3.7. There's a
missing 'const' in the declaration of the array tt_post_default_names. It
causes the pointers to be non-const, and that creates 1032 (4 * 258) bytes
of writable static data, which prevents builds from working for several
platforms including Symbian OS.

The fix is (line 67 of ttpost.c):

<    static const FT_String*  tt_post_default_names[258] =
->   static const FT_String* const  tt_post_default_names[258] =

Best regards,


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