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[ft-devel] Strange behavior of freetype 2.3.7 function FT_OpenType_Valid

From: Chi Nguyen
Subject: [ft-devel] Strange behavior of freetype 2.3.7 function FT_OpenType_Validate()
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 15:22:12 +0700

To freetype maintainer,

In developing the test for the freetype2 function FT_OpenType_Validate() we
encounter the following strange behavior that we want to bring to your
attention. We hope to get a clarification whether this is a bug or a
feature. This behavior pertains to freetype 2.3.7.

We rebuild the freetype library by turning on OpenType validation. We
uncomment the line "AUX_MODULES += otvalid" in the file "modules.cfg"
Then - configure - make - make install - ... 

OpenType validation is then available after that.

We ran a sample C test program and noticed that in some cases
FT_OpenType_Validate behaves weird. 

For example, it returned error==0 and valid table pointer values when we
asked it to validate all advanced tables in "FreeMono.ttf" font (flag ==
Now if we asked it to validate "GDEF table", it returned error==0x10
("invalid glyph index"). This looked strange to us.

Please investigate if you could reproduce this and give us your

Included with this email is the C test program in question together with the
font file FreeMono.ttf. This strange behavior was observed under OpenSuSE 11
(32 bit), Ubuntu 8.04 (ia32), RHEL52 x86-64, SLES 10.1 (32bit), Fedora 9 (32
bit) with freetype 2.3.7 built from sources (with "otvalid" module turned

Thank-you very much for your attention.

Sincerely yours,

Nguyen Trung Chi
NEC Solutions VietNam

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