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[ft-devel] FT_Get_PS_Font_Private returns wrong unique_id values

From: Chi Nguyen
Subject: [ft-devel] FT_Get_PS_Font_Private returns wrong unique_id values
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 10:29:36 +0700

To freetype maintainers,

The FreeType2 API reference states that FT_Get_PS_Font_Private function
retrieves the PS_PrivateRec structure corresponding to a given Postscript
font. Particularly, if the Postscript font has unique ID, it should be
returned in the 'unique_id' field of the 'PS_PrivateRec' structure. 

Unique IDs of the 'n019023l.pfb' and 'n021003l.pfb' fonts from the attached
example are 5020908 and 5020931, respectively (see the "/UniqueID" records
in these font files). 

FT_Get_PS_Font_Private, however, returns different unique ID values for
these fonts. 

Included with this email are:
a) a C program Example_FT_Get_PS_Font_Private.c
b) the font-files 'n019023l.pfb' and 'n021003l.pfb'
packed in V0016.tgz.

Run the program with font file name and the correct unique ID as its
./Example_FT_Get_PS_Font_Private n021003l.pfb 5020931
./Example_FT_Get_PS_Font_Private n019023l.pfb 5020908

We have tested and reproduced this error on 32-bit and 64-bit x86 based test
systems running under the following distros OpenSuSE 11 (32 bit), Ubuntu
8.04 (ia32), RHEL52 x86-64, SLES 10.1 (32bit), Fedora 9 (32bit) with
freetype 2.1.10, freetype 2.3.7 and the current version of CVS as of today

Thank you very much for your time and please let us know any ruling/finding
that you may have.

Sincerely yours,

Nguyen Trung Chi

NEC Solutions VietNam

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