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[ft-devel] Re: [ft] Re: Fw: Compile Error use arm-linux-gcc3.4.1

From: mpsuzuki
Subject: [ft-devel] Re: [ft] Re: Fw: Compile Error use arm-linux-gcc3.4.1
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 11:18:19 +0900

Dear Robin,

On Sun, 16 Jan 2011 00:55:49 GMT
Robin Watts <address@hidden> wrote:

>In message <address@hidden>
>          address@hidden wrote:
>>       "orr    %0, %2, lsl #16\n\t"  /* %0 |= %2 << 16 */
>>       "orr    %0, %0, %2, lsl #16\n\t"  /* %0 |= %2 << 16 */
>>    You can find the number of arguments to "orr" is different.
>The original ARM assembler format used the 3 register form. The thumb
>instruction set is more tightly constrained, and insists that the
>destination and first source register are the same.

Thank you for the explanation of the historical
background of 3-operands syntax (that I called
as "omitted" syntax). Hmm, so, if I used 4-operands
syntax in the assembly code, it cannot be assembled
by THUMB instruction, and the codesize would be worse...
Should I insert some ifdef to enable original
3-operands syntax for the platform with THUMB?


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