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[ft-devel] platform detection by make command (`make devel' on Mac OS X)

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: [ft-devel] platform detection by make command (`make devel' on Mac OS X)
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 19:23:59 +0900
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Hi all,

Just I've found that this issue (make devel does not work
on Mac OS X) is simple problem;
Mac OS X 10.3 has "init", but it is removed since 10.4,
thus the unix-like platform detection by /sbin/init,
/usr/sbin/init, or /hurd/auth does not work well.
Thus the platform is fallbacked to ANSI.

Win32 platform has devel-bcc, devel-gcc targets,
Unix and OS/2 platforms have devel target,
but ANSI platform does not have such.

An improvement for platform detection is expected.
I think "mknod", "mkfifo", "chown", "chgrp", etc
would be typical program for the platform with the
filesystem derived from Unix, so adding it (or them)
would not be so harmful. some of them are not important
for Mac OS X sticking to HFS+, but I expect Apple
won't drop them to avoid the loss of certification
of Unix trademark in Mac OS X.

# Among the commands in above, the eldest one is
# "chown" since AT&T Version 1. However, the concept
# of owner stored in the filesystem is not so specific
# to Unix (NTFS has similar concept), so I cannot
# exclude the possibility of "chown" on non-POSIX system.
# Thus, I think "mknod" (since AT&T Version 6) would
# be better, because the concept of visible device
# file is more specific to Unix than the concept of the owner.

Of course, adding Mac OS X specific program would be
sufficient to fix this issue.

Any comments?


suzuki toshiya wrote:
> Werner LEMBERG wrote (2011/10/31 3:01):
>  >> # `make devel; make' does not work well on Mac OS X, I will try to
>  >> fix.
>  >
>  > Interesting.  What's the problem?
> `make distclean ; make devel' finishes after doing nothing, as:
> make: Nothing to be done for `devel'
> `make distclean ; make setup' configures the system as ANSI
> platform, not Unix, as:
> bash-3.2$ make setup
> FreeType build system -- automatic system detection
> The following settings are used:
>   platform                    ansi
>   compiler                    cc
>   configuration directory     ./builds/ansi
>   configuration rules         ./builds/ansi/
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