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Re: [ft-devel] autoconf-based cross-building patch ([ft] FT2 Cross-compi

From: Antoine Leca
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] autoconf-based cross-building patch ([ft] FT2 Cross-compile Error)
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 14:06:06 +0100
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Aaron Parr wrote:
> Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread,
Indeed ancient! However that thread
was about Toshiya-san providing us an updated version of the autoconf
machinery, dealing correctly with a (then new) locally-built helper
tool, apinames; and added a new file named docs/INSTALL.CROSS.

Do you mean you are having problem with the cross-compilation machinery?
Note that most in this area comes from autoconf (currently 2.68), I do
not believe there are much Freetype-specific stuff, probably only the .

> but I ran into a similar problem when attempting to cross-compile freetype2 
> v2.4.6 using LTIB.
Do ``LTIB'' do anything special to "process" the (uncommon) Freetype
configuration process?
> In the hopes of saving someone else the trouble, I'm including my solution in 
> the form of the attached patch which explains the problem and shows my hacky 
> fix to allow it to build under LTIB.
> -Aaron
> # 2011-Nov-07
> # This patch provides a workaround for config problems caused by LTIB's env 
> setup.
> # In a nutshell, two issues were occurring:
> # 1) Freetype2's configure script was ignoring --build=XXX options
I cannot reproduce that in a basic (clean) installation of Freetype.
Is it possible to you to provide me the .log file of the configure step?

>  and guessing the wrong compiler triplet for the build machine when called in 
> LTIB environment
You mean, {FT2src}/build/unix/configure does not use CC_BUILD when
passed _as_argument_ on the command line? Strange, it does work here...
Are you sure you are passing it _after_ configure in the main
invocation, like in
    path/to/top/configure --build=current-machine-triplet \
        CC_BUILD=overridden-building-compiler \
        --host=target-machine-triplet \

As documented in the INSTALL.CROSS document and clearly explained in the
thread you mentionned, something along the lines of
  CC_BUILD=overridden-building-compiler \
        CC=overridden-target-gcc \
        path/to/top/configure --build=c-m-3 --host=t-m-3
will NOT work!

Also note that Freetype chose (in 2006) to name it CC_BUILD while other
packages often use HOST_CC (*BSD heritage, confusing in the GNU world
based on Canadian cross compilation schemes) or CC_FOR_BUILD (preferred
in GNU world.)
> # 2) The [triplet]-gcc file was adding some command switchs and somehow using 
> the path to find "the true gcc" when compiling. Since the LTIB environment 
> places its own spoof dirs first in the path, [triplet]-gcc wound up calling 
> the cross compiler.
I am not sure this is any different from the problem above.


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