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Re: [ft-devel] freetype, undefined behaviour, and clang

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] freetype, undefined behaviour, and clang
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 16:04:08 +0900
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Sigh, clang on Debian squeeze branch (previous newest branch) seems
to be shipped without appropriate dependency; clang can search gcc
until 4.6.1, but cannot search 4.6.2, and gcc-4.6.1 binaries are
already removed from debian repository. Also Debian clang maintainers
are mainly working for Debain wheezy branch (current newest branch)
and their patched clang cannot work well on Debian squeeze branch.
clang's configuration mechanism, ToolChains.cpp is so deep hell, and
Debian maintainers could not fix it. Oops.

I built gcc-4.6.1 and clang/llvm-2.9 by myself. It can make working
binary for the simplest programs, like hello-world, but "apinames"
built with "-ftrapv" by my clang aborts with "Illegal instruction" error.
It seems that I have to learn more to make usable clang by myself...


suzuki toshiya wrote:
> Nothing to say, I have to try.
> Yet I've not installed clang in my daily-using machine,
> but it is Debian and it won't be so hard to install clang.
> Also my MacBook already has (an old) clang.
> Regards,
> mpsuzuki
> Sean McBride wrote:
>> On Wed, 23 Nov 2011 03:00:06 +0900, suzuki toshiya said:
>>> Thanks, I have to thank you (as always) for finding the issue.
>>> The part was introduced by me,
>>> commit 5d3ff05615dda6d1325ed612381a17a0df04c975
>>> Author: suzuki toshiya <address@hidden>
>>> Date:   Sat Aug 1 00:32:24 2009 +0900
>>>    cache: Check higher bits in flags for non ILP32 systems.
>>> and I remember there are more similar codes to deal with the
>>> higher bits in the part mixing long & int variables. Maybe
>>> bitmask calculation would be better than playing with the
>>> MIN/MAX.
>> Suzuki-san,
>> Do you have clang?  Can you try building freetype with 
>> -fcatch-undefined-behavior and -ftrapv to fix other issues it finds?
>> Cheers,
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