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[ft-devel] TTfautohint issues with small counters

From: vern adams
Subject: [ft-devel] TTfautohint issues with small counters
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 10:07:35 +0100


Testing with latest ttfautohint 0.8. There's still some issues with small 
counters becoming blocked at specific pt sizes. This is not a complaint :) just 
a reminder.
See screenshot
These issues are most problematic on old GDI cleartype rendering. Under 
DirectWrite the situation is much better, see screenshot at

I have done a lot of testing, tweaking font outlines to resolve similar issues, 
and conclude that many of these problems are caused by font-design, not 
ttfautohint. e.g. when the gap between dot and stem in 'i' gets blocked, it's 
bad font design and can easilly be corrected ;) . However with bolder designs 
it's less simple to correct these problems. Is there likely to be a resolution 
to this? I'm very happy to test any developments in this area.


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