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Re: [ft-devel] TTfautohint issues with small counters

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] TTfautohint issues with small counters
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 08:50:44 +0200 (CEST)

>> e.g. when the gap between dot and stem in 'i' gets blocked, it's
>> bad font design and can easilly be corrected ;) .

Well, I will try to find a generic solution.

> Maybe because the latin module of TTFAH treats "i" (and "j") using
> the blue zone of small letter like"f" (fijbdkhl), when the design
> choice (not bad design !) not have the top of the dot in the blue
> zone, but for example, between this bluezone and the top of the i.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I've just added the following to the TODO
list: Create a separate blue zone class for `i' and `j'.  If the
values differ more than a given threshold, handle them separately.
Otherwise, unify them with `f' and friends.


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