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[ft-devel] Freetype render issue

From: Johnson Y. Yan
Subject: [ft-devel] Freetype render issue
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 00:20:41 +0800

/* the `eexec' keyword); if they all are hexadecimal digits, then */
/* we have a case of ASCII storage */
- if ( ft_isxdigit( cur[0] ) && ft_isxdigit( cur[1] ) &&
+ if ( cur + 3 < limit &&
+ ft_isxdigit( cur[0] ) && ft_isxdigit( cur[1] ) &&
ft_isxdigit( cur[2] ) && ft_isxdigit( cur[3] ) )
/* ASCII hexadecimal encoding */
The code seems to make some side effects, attachment is the test file, it renders error.
May be need to reset the limit pointer:
t1parser.c: line 395:
      parser->root.limit = parser->base_dict + parser->base_len;
      T1_Skip_PS_Token( parser );
      cur = parser->root.cursor;
      limit = parser->root.limit;
Please help to check.
Johnson Y. Yan
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