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[ft-devel] Patch to t1load.c to handle 3-axis Multimaster fonts

From: Del Merritt
Subject: [ft-devel] Patch to t1load.c to handle 3-axis Multimaster fonts
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 10:35:46 -0500
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While integrating FreeType2 v2.4.10 into our product, we found we needed to quick-patch t1load.c.  I asked the developer who did it to elaborate, and he spake thus:
That patch is to fix the problem that Freetype2 does not handle the 3-axis MM font FontBBox correctly. What happens is freetype2 tries to read the 2nd FontBBox and freetype2 does not expect there are 8 components for 3-axis MM font. So it chokes. In an earlier freetype2 version, it does not have this issue because it does not read this 2nd FontBBox. So the patch is to skip the 2nd time action and then freetype2 is happy. As far as I can see, such 2nd time FontBBox read is not needed for our usage.

So can we make this into the main line? Maybe not... The real fix is deeper than this patch addresses. My 2 cents.
I am not currently in tune with the FreeType source, so I don't have a "deeper" fix at hand.  But I offer this patch to illustrate our current workaround.  Sorry if that's a tad lame - there's only so many hours in a day.


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