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[ft-devel] ft2demos with X11 on OS X (XQuartz)

From: Adam Twardoch (Lists)
Subject: [ft-devel] ft2demos with X11 on OS X (XQuartz)
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 08:29:07 +0100

I once somehow had managed to build a version of ft2demos tools which worked with the OS X X11 (XQuartz) server. 

But now, with the standard " then make" of current git FreeType plus the "make" of current git ft2demos, the tools build but when trying to use them, I get: 

ftmulti 72 CinzelGX.ttf
cannot open X11 display
could not allocate display surface

  error = 0x0000

Perhaps this is because in the recent versions of Mac OS X, X11 is not included by default but the optional XQuartz installer ( ) installs X11 into: 


Maybe this could be automatically recognized by FT?


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