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[ft-devel] RoyalT instruchtion set

From: Alexei Podtelezhnikov
Subject: [ft-devel] RoyalT instruchtion set
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2016 11:37:04 -0400

Hi guys,

So apparently RoyalT has many more undocumented instructions beyond GETDATA: SGEP0, SGEP1, SGEP2, SGEPS, SHE, ADJUST
Below is the related strings dump. How can we live without richard's secret instruction ADJUST?


>set vectors to coordinate axis
 (set projection vector to coordinate axis
 %set freedom vector to coordinate axis
=set projection vector to line
:set freedom vector to line
 "write projection vector from stack
?write freedom vector from stack
5get projection vector
2get freedom vector
 'set freedom vector to projection vector
5set reference point 0
5set reference point 1
5set reference point 2
-set element 0
-set element 1
-set element 2
,set elementS
1set loop variable
-round to grid
2round to half grid
4set minimum distance
/else for the IF
-jump relative
6set width table cut in
7set single width cut in
0set single width
=pop top element off the stack
2clear entire stack
5swap two top elements
:copy value to top of stack
:move value to top of stack
4align relative point
2read advance width
-untouch point
9call function inside loop
7call function by number
3function definition
7end function definition
:move direct absolute point
<interpolate untouched points
+shift point
-shift contour
-shift element
  shift by fractional pixel amount
1interpolate point
 "move stack indirect relative point
4round to double grid
<move indirect absolute point
,push n bytes
,push n words
+write store
*read store
=write CVT from outline domain
8read control value table
/read coordinate
.set coordinate
0measure distance
5measure pixels per em
1measure pointsize
7set autoflip boolean on
8set autoflip boolean off
)less than
2less than or equal
,greater than
5greater than or equal
)not equal
&end if
5delta point exception
.set delta base
/set delta shift
.absolute value
>write CVT from original domain
:delta point exception + 16
:delta point exception + 32
3delta cvt exception
8delta cvt exception + 16
8delta cvt exception + 32
+super round
.super round 45
5jump relative on TRUE
6jump relative on FALSE
8set state to no rounding
0round up to grid
2round down to grid
0set angle weight
,adjust angle
+flip on/off
.flip on low hi
/flip off low hi
2set scan converter
>set double proj vector to line
-get misc info
-define opCode
>change scan converter settings
;change interpreter settings
<richard's secret instruction
9get variation coordinates
?get various bits of information
*push bytes
*push words
:move direct relative point
<move indirect relative point
:component is offset by x,y
  component is offset by x,y : 2x2
?component matches anchor points
 %component matches anchor points : 2x2
 "set overlapping components to TRUE
 "use metrics of following component

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