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Re: [ft-devel] [GSoC] [Doubt] Bitmap rendering

From: k kushal
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] [GSoC] [Doubt] Bitmap rendering
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 00:49:11 +0530

I am using 32bit Bitmaps to give the bitmaps transparency and to overlap one over other.

Google chrome / chromium are not able to display 32bit bitmaps whereas Mozilla Firefox is.
Is there a way to enable chrome to display the images ?

If not I am planning to use the CSS3 Filter property (using 24bit Bitmaps ) to give similar visual effects.
Any other solution for this ?

On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 11:28 PM, k kushal <address@hidden> wrote:
I've pushed the code to generate bitmaps and hashes to branch ksvsk_test (dirty). Please look into it. 
I am currently working on effective ways to visualize the glyph differences. ( as in proposal )
I have tried testing the output using bitmaps but it is not visually appealing (for small sizes).
And for big sizes, there is no clarity after zooming in to see the differences.
I am working on another way to visualize the pixel by pixel differences. 
This can be done by creating a grid (like in ftgrid ) of required size on the webpage and then coloring it so that each square denotes a pixel. 
Performing all the calculations in C( calculating differences and making the final image ) and then coloring the grid on webpage using this image data.  
How about this ? 
I think there are advantages to this like we can zoom and pan clearly on webpage.

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