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[ft-devel] [GSoC] Web landing page

From: Arvinder Bhathal
Subject: [ft-devel] [GSoC] Web landing page
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 05:43:49 -0400

I've written code to link two versions of freetype and produce a
landing page (attached) sorted by the difference between the glyphs.
For example, the attached image compares ft 2.8
( and 2.6.5 ( Right now,
the difference measurement is a placeholder for the future pixel
comparisons. Later, clicking on a glyph will be a good entry to a more
detailed comparison page with more metrics and comparison info.
The code takes in paths to the baseline and test .so shared object
files, font directory, and size. Hashes are compared for glyph codes,
differing ones are rendered to a 8-bit greyscale pngs using kushal's
code and a (placeholder) difference is found between pairs of glyphs.
The difference is used to order the appearance of glyphs in the

Any thoughts on what information or functionality should be present in
the landing page is appreciated.

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Description: PNG image

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