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Re: Regarding `Test framework' project.

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Regarding `Test framework' project.
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 07:25:00 +0100 (CET)

Hello Parth,

> I went through the GSoC 2017 implementation of the `test-famework'
> project.
> * Some ideas like, using Murmur hash, using CSS sprite sheets for
>   images are well discussed previously and spending time again for
>   them will just be like reinventing the wheel.


> * So, I feel instead of starting the project completely from
>   scratch, a list of ideas which are already well discussed can be
>   decided beforehand and the further project can be moved ahead
>   accordingly.  (This list shall be part of the proposal).

Sounds sensible.

> * Some shortcomings like, the solution for comparison of images with
>   different sizes, handling of different rendering modes, proper
>   generation and presentation of output are needed to be addressed
>   in a more proper way.


> * A new feature like, not only the framework will output the
>   different images, but also show where the difference lies, like
>   whether in hinting or rendering can also be added, which shall be
>   very beneficial to the developer.

You mean comparing the outline coordinates of glyphs in addition to
the rendering results?

> I would also like to know, what were your expectations that missed
> out in the previous implementation of the project, which can be
> addressed in the project.

This is easy to answer: I want something set up in a robust way so
that it simply works.  It should contain some demo fonts as samples,
and it should interact with git – for example, a cron job checks
whether there is a new FreeType commit, running the test suite if yes,
generating one or more difference HTML pages, and mailing the list if
there are rendering changes.

In other words, it should be ready for Continuous Integration (CI).

> Also, is there any specific area of project where I should focus on?

What do you mean with 'specific area'?  Please give an example.


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