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Re: cmake patch

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: cmake patch
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 13:27:18 +0200

Le jeu. 17 sept. 2020 à 15:42, Alexei Podtelezhnikov <> a écrit :
> Patch attached for avoid adding lib prefix when compiling with mingw and also letting to use FT_CONFIG_OPTION_ERROR_STRINGS from cmake command line.

The lib prefix is your personal aversion.

It depends. There is value for the CMake build to generate the same-named library as the regular GNU Make-based one for example. And the former does generate something called "freetype.dll" or "freetype.lib"
This is not limited to Mingw but to all Win32 builds, so I would be in favor to change the default for this platform. However, I don't know if this is going to disrupt developers (we never officially supported the CMake build as far as I know, so it may not matter though).
Would this work for the second wish?

I'd rather see this feature added as an option than a special case in the CMakeLists.txt file. E.g. FT_WITH_ERROR_STRINGS for example (similar to FT_WITH_XXX options currently supported).
After all, there is nothing specific to Mingw here.

- David

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