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Re: [GSoC] Merge Request - to master or to a seperate branch?

From: Charlie Jiang
Subject: Re: [GSoC] Merge Request - to master or to a seperate branch?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 13:43:19 +0800
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Hello Werner,

If you want to submit general changes to FreeType please submit MRs.
However, for your ftinspect GSoC stuff you should push to a personal
branch (or even branches, if necessary) of the upstream repositories
*without*  MRs.  In your personal branch(es) you can go wild – no need
for forking:-)

Well... As is mentioned in the proposal, my original idea was to have the code merged from my dev branch to master immediately after one functional is completed (more like the workflow I experienced in some other projects) ... So it would be a lot of branches and MRs (now those temporary branches can be directly pushed to the upstream repo). I'm actively rebasing and re-organizing my commits so they're ready to be merged into master.

The main reasons are: 1) MR provides a good tool for code reviewing and progress tracking. With GitLab Issues, it would be a lot more convenient to discuss project details. 2) Continuous merging ensures a better overall code quality because this would require the quality to be always ready to be merged.

However, I'm OK with the personal branch , if you insist :) .


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