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[GSoC] Report of status on project ftinspect until 2022/07/10

From: Charlie Jiang
Subject: [GSoC] Report of status on project ftinspect until 2022/07/10
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2022 17:20:47 +0800
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Hello Werner, 鈴木さん and other folks,

Here’s my report of my changes on ftinspect until today. Changes that were already merged aren’t included.

Unmerged merge requests (not on gsoc-2022-chariri branch)

Commits on gsoc-2022-chariri branch

I’m using GitLab Issues to track the project progress, so every issue will corrspond to a group of commits. Since all commit messages are pretty detailed, I’m only writing necessary additional info here. If possible, please review the commits using GitLab comment feature.

#13: Breaking maingui.cpp down

All changes here are moving code out from the oversized MainGUI, and doing so would be benefical to the later development of the multi-tab GUI. The GUI appearance and usage barely changes after changes for this issue.

These commits are already reviewed by Werner:

These commits aren’t reviewed:

To sum up:

#15: GUI Improvent & New Features 1

This issue isn’t finished yet, and all commits aren’t reviewed:

Above are “GUI improvements”, and below are “New features”:

Commits that aren’t ready for review/merge:

To sum up:

Next Step

I’m current working on refactoring and writing documentation for the current event and data flow - they’re in quite a mess. After that, I will follow #15:

However, I noticed there’re a lot of unimplemented features:

I would like to know which should I prioritize.

As the project progressed faster than my estimation, we can expect to bring forward the first evaluation period if possible.

Charlie Jiang

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