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Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 07:11:20 +0000 (UTC)

>> * What do you think about greying out the text box (holding 'The
>>   quick...') if the 'Text Source' field is not 'Text String'?
> This is already been done and works at my side. Is it not greying
> out under Linux?

No, it's not – at least not while using my dark KDE theme.  The input
field is disabled, yes, but the text colour of 'The quick ...' doesn't
change to gray, contrary to other grayed-out items like the 'Next
Named Instance' box.

>> * Clicking the 'Vertical' checkbox, the text is positioned
>>   flush-left, and the left half of it is not displayed (see
>>   attached image).  I suggest that you center this, probably also
>>   displaying a thin, gray line to indicate the y axis.
> Well, you can use the "pos" slider to move it to the center.

Oh, I haven't noticed this slider at all.  Hmm.  I think this slider
should be removed; it feels non-intuitive.  Instead, I suggest that
main window of the 'Continuous View' tab should be made clickable.
Right now, if I click and move it, the whole `ftinpect` window gets
moved, which is surprising.  What about the following.

* In the 'All Glyphs' text source mode, clicking & moving the mouse
  right/left could increase/decrease the current counter in 1-unit
  steps.  Clicking & moving the mouse up/down could increase/decrease
  the current counter by the average number of glyphs displayed per

* In the 'Text String' text source mode, the behaviour should be the
  same as in the 'Singular Grid View' tab, i.e., I can move around the
  contents of the main window.

> Maybe I can just set the default position to the center?

I think this is a sensible default, yes.

>> * The 'Continuous View' window is so big.  However, for a text
>>   string, only a single line is shown (i.e., newlines are ignored),
>>   which additionally doesn't get wrapped (see attached image).
>>   Maybe this can be improved somehow?
> Enlisted, but this requires handling of y advance, and is not
> applicable for waterfall. Since `ftstring` don't have this feature
> as well, I may need more time to get it implemented

No pressure.  As usual, I was just collecting what came to my mind
while playing around with the latest incarnation of `ftinspect` :-)

>> * Still testing with `msyh.ttc`: In the 'Char Map' combobox, selecting
>>    the '1: Unicode (unic)' fails; it immediately jumps back to 'Glyph
>>    Order'.
> Mine is working well... Could you attach more details (e.g. Source,
> Mode)?

I do the following.

* Start `ftinspect`.
* Load `msyh.ttc`.
* Click on 'Continuous View'.
* In the 'Char Map' combobox, select the '1:...' line.

That's it.

> There's only one place where the CharMap combobox is changed
> programatically.  If the problem persists, please try to add a
> breakpoint after you've loaded the font and switch to the continuous
> mode, and at `panels/continuous.cpp:152`, then switch the charmap to
> see the backtrace.

OK, will do if you can't reproduce the problem.


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