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Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile

From: Charlie Jiang
Subject: Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 15:44:10 +0800
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Hi Werner,
No, it's not – at least not while using my dark KDE theme.  The input
field is disabled, yes, but the text colour of 'The quick ...' doesn't
change to gray, contrary to other grayed-out items like the 'Next
Named Instance' box.

I doubt it's a theme issue.. I tried on my Kubuntu VM and the color is changing correctly (see the attached picture).

What about the following.

* In the 'All Glyphs' text source mode, clicking & moving the mouse
  right/left could increase/decrease the current counter in 1-unit
  steps.  Clicking & moving the mouse up/down could increase/decrease
  the current counter by the average number of glyphs displayed per

* In the 'Text String' text source mode, the behaviour should be the
  same as in the 'Singular Grid View' tab, i.e., I can move around the
  contents of the main window.

Enlisted. But as I mentioned long before, this may need the 3rd round of rewriting for the `GlyphContinous` widget. It currently directly inherits from `QWidget` because I failed to foresee that we will need zooming and interaction features. I will use `QGraphicsView` to rewrite it wholly, after I finished the hinting comparator view.

I do the following.

* Start `ftinspect`.
* Load `msyh.ttc`.
* Click on 'Continuous View'.
* In the 'Char Map' combobox, select the '1:...' line.

That's it.

Done the same, but unable to reproduce. Could you please try to attach the debugger for more detailed information?

Charlie Jiang

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