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Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 03:28:06 +0000 (UTC)

[please write to freetype-devel by default]

> The CharMap combobox issue is solved, please give it a test. The
> Singular Tab's positioning is fixed as well.

Works now, thanks!

> As for the red square in the waterfall view, I think it is the
> intended behavior because under extreme small font size, some glyphs
> do have a zero x-advance, in that case a red square is rendered as a
> notice. This behavior is taken from `ftview`. Let me know if you think
> it should be removed.

Yes, please remove it.  IMHO, it doesn't make sense to have this
feature in waterfall mode.

Two ideas:

* What about showing the pixel (or point) size at the beginning of the
  waterfall?  Ideally, the font itself should be used for displaying
  this, however, chances are very high that the font in question
  doesn't contain proper glyphs for it, or that the font is cheating
  (this can happen for very old fonts), displaying completely
  different glyphs for the given character codes.  So you should use a
  font that actually has the necessary glyphs :-)

* What about providing control for the waterfall's start, stop, and
  increment values?  For the default values, I think it doesn't make
  sense to have lines for px < 4 or 5...

> The next step IMHO is to add some small features from the TODO list
> as well as improving the "Continuous View" because Phase 1
> Evaluation period is around the corner, and I may not to complete
> finish the Hinting Comperator within 7 days. As the result, Hinting
> Comperator is moved from the phase 1 to phase 2. I'm also thinking
> of moving the "Improving Font/Face/NI Selector" task from phase 2
> from phase 1 because the waste of vertical height is driving me mad
> :D . Would be these changes acceptable for you?

Of course.


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