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Qt5 versions in Ubuntu (Re: [Freetype-devel] Re: compilation of `ftinspe

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: Qt5 versions in Ubuntu (Re: [Freetype-devel] Re: compilation of `ftinspect` fails)
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 14:50:15 +0900
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Dear Werner, Charlie,

In the case of Ubuntu, the versions of Qt are following.

18.04LTS (until April 2023): 5.9.5
20.04LTS (until April 2025): 5.12.8
21.10: 5.12.2
22.04LTS (until April 2027): 5.15.3
Kinetic:  5.15.4

I think supporting Qt 5.12 is helpful for lazy late adapters like me :-),
but Charlie, please don't spend much time for them. As Werner comments,
notification "your Qt is too old to build ftinspect" is sufficient goal
for GSoC project.


On 2022/07/28 14:27, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

Please add code to the meson and cmake build files that checks whether
the Qt version you need is installed.  If not, make them exit with an
error.  After you are done you can revert the work-around for older
Qt5 versions :-)

OK, I've push the reverted version with check conditions in CMake and
Meson scripts to the `gsoc-2022-chariri-3` branch (open a new branch
in case you want to still use Qt 5.12 to checkout my progress).

I've updated my openSUSE box, and I'm now using Qt 5.15.2.  However, I
still ask you to adjust the meson and cmake build files to request a
proper minimum version for Qt (this is not urgent, though).

Let me know if the old `gsoc-2022-chariri-2` (containing the 5.12
workaround) is no longer needed.

I don't need it, thanks.


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