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Re: Free type "invalid glyphs"

From: Danny Forrest
Subject: Re: Free type "invalid glyphs"
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 11:30:05 +0000

Hello again,

I have found that FT_Get_Char_Index will explicitly return 0 for 'missing' characters which is the fix for the issue. I am using FT_Load_Char but should that really return a valid construct for an "invalid" character?


From: Danny Forrest
Sent: 12 August 2022 12:00
To: <>
Subject: Free type "invalid glyphs"
Hey, I have currently begun the implementation of freetype for my job but come across the issue of unnecessary characters.

For various fonts it will present the rectangle for a glyph I assume it couldn't determine, but there are no errors and even the data is still filled in. 

Is there a way I can skip these characters without potentially having a map of all fonts and the dimensions a rectangle would present (which is still not desirable as some characters may actually meet those dimensions)?

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