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[ft] Different Values from Freetype Face

From: Andreas Heinrich
Subject: [ft] Different Values from Freetype Face
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 10:56:25 +0000



I'm used an older (2003) Freetype Version until now. Because of Unicode i changed to a
newer Version (2007).


I load a Font via FT_New_Face into FT_Face...


In former FreeType.dll i get for some Fonts different Values for FT_Face.family_name and
FT_Face.style_name in comparison with the new version.


For example the font ariblk.ttf from windows:


former :
FT_Face.family_name  : Arial Black
FT_Face.style_name   : Regular


now :
FT_Face.family_name  : Arial
FT_Face.style_name   : Black

For my application these changes are extremly distracting. Why these parameters changed?
Is it possible to get the old parameters with the newer Version?

thanking you in anticipation

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