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[ft] Problems about ftdmo29

From: ?????????????? ??????
Subject: [ft] Problems about ftdmo29
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:21:24 +0800

Dear freetype:

I use the jam(version 2.5.2) to compile the ftdmo29. My operate system is 
Window7 64bit.
I use jam like this
and I get
Compiler is GCC with Mingw
...found 649 target(s)...
...updating 62 target(s)...
Cc objs\autofit.o
Cc objs\ftbase.o
Cc objs\ftapi.o
Cc objs\ftbbox.o
Cc objs\ftbdf.o
Cc objs\ftbitmap.o
Cc objs\ftcid.o
Cc objs\ftdebug.o
Cc objs\ftfntfmt.o
Cc objs\ftfstype.o
Cc objs\ftgasp.o
Cc objs\ftglyph.o
Cc objs\ftgxval.o
Cc objs\ftinit.o
Cc objs\ftlcdfil.o
Cc objs\ftmm.o
Cc objs\ftotval.o
Cc objs\ftpatent.o
Cc objs\ftpfr.o
Cc objs\ftstroke.o
Cc objs\ftsynth.o
Cc objs\ftsystem.o
Cc objs\fttype1.o
Cc objs\ftwinfnt.o
Cc objs\bdf.o
Cc objs\ftbzip2.o
Cc objs\ftcache.o
Cc objs\cff.o
Cc objs\type1cid.o
Cc objs\ftgzip.o
Cc objs\ftlzw.o
Cc objs\pcf.o
Cc objs\pfr.o
Cc objs\psaux.o
Cc objs\pshinter.o
Cc objs\psnames.o
Cc objs\raster.o
Cc objs\sfnt.o
Cc objs\smooth.o
Cc objs\truetype.o
Cc objs\type1.o
Cc objs\type42.o
Cc objs\winfnt.o
Archive ..\freetype2\objs\freetype.a
ar: creating ..\freetype2\objs\freetype.a
Cc objs\ftbench.o
Link objs\ftbench.exe
Link objs\ftlint.exe
Link objs\ftdump.exe
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0xc99): undefined reference to `put_unicode_be16'
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0xd1b): undefined reference to `put_ascii'
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0xd89): undefined reference to `put_ascii'
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0xda9): undefined reference to `put_unicode_be16'
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0xe39): undefined reference to `put_unicode_be16'
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0x14d3): undefined reference to `put_ascii'
objs\ftdump.o:ftdump.c:(.text+0x14f6): undefined reference to `put_unicode_be16'

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

gcc  -o objs\ftdump.exe  objs\ftdump.o objs\ft2common.a ..\freetype2\objs\freety

...failed Link objs\ftdump.exe ...
Link objs\fttimer.exe
Link objs\ftchkwd.exe
Link objs\ftvalid.exe
Link objs\ftpatchk.exe
Cc objs\ftview.o
Link objs\ftview.exe
Cc objs\ftmulti.o
Link objs\ftmulti.exe
Link objs\ftstring.exe
Link objs\ftgamma.exe
Cc objs\ftgrid.o
Link objs\ftgrid.exe
objs\ftgrid.o:ftgrid.c:(.text+0x2772): undefined reference to `put_ascii_string_
objs\ftgrid.o:ftgrid.c:(.text+0x27ab): undefined reference to `put_ascii_string'

objs\ftgrid.o:ftgrid.c:(.text+0x27e6): undefined reference to `put_unicode_be16_
objs\ftgrid.o:ftgrid.c:(.text+0x2823): undefined reference to `put_unicode_be16_
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

gcc  -o objs\ftgrid.exe  objs\ftgrid.o objs\ft2common.a ..\freetype2\objs\freety
pe.a objs\graph.a  -luser32 -lgdi32

...failed Link objs\ftgrid.exe ...
Cc objs\ftdiff.o
Link objs\ftdiff.exe
...failed updating 2 target(s)...
...updated 60 target(s)...

I find there are two failure of the target. Is the correct situation like this?
I didn't find anything in the C:\Users\zgl\Desktop\ft2demos-2.9\bin but I see 
the README file here and there should be all executables for the FreeType demo 
I see there  many files (.exe) in the C:\Users\zgl\Desktop\ft2demos-2.9\objs. 
However, when I click most of the them, they  just blink and close themselves. 
Only the ftgamma.exe and gbench.exe I can see the running results.The 
apinnames.exe, ftbenche.exe, ftchkwd.exe and... just blink. I want to know 
what's wrong here.

Could you give me some advice about my errors?

Zhu GuoLiang

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