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[ft] Help with Rasterizing

From: Dryden, Thomas
Subject: [ft] Help with Rasterizing
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2018 00:38:11 +0000


I have a simple piece of code that returns a character from a TTF file to the 
caller for rendering text labels. The caller of getCharacter() uses the buffer 
to merge to the frame buffer. The output looks like characters and numbers, but 
is certainly corrupted. I was hoping that maybe you could find something 
obviously wrong, and/or provide an example that is better than what's on 
FreeType's website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In summary, I am 
doing the following:

typedef struct {
                unsigned char *image;

CHAR_STRUCT* CharStruct;

FT_Library library;
FT_Face face;

                CharStruct = (CHAR_STRUCT *)malloc(sizeof(CHAR_STRUCT));
error = FT_Init_FreeType(& library);
error = FT_New_Face(library, fontName, 0, &face);
error = FT_Set_Char_Size(face, 14 * 64, 0, 190, 190);

getCharacter(unsigned char character)
                FT_Bitmap bitMap = face->glyph->bitmap;
                error = FT_Load_Char(face, character, FT_LOAD_RENDER);
                error = FT_Render_Glyph(slot, FT_RENDER_MODE_MONO);
                CharStruct->image = (unsigned char*) malloc(size(unsigned char) 
* bitMap.width * bitMap.rows);
                memcpy(charStruct->image, bitMap.buffer, bitMap.width * 
                return CharStruct;

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