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Re: Math differences between FT_Set_Transform and FT_Glyph_Transform

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Math differences between FT_Set_Transform and FT_Glyph_Transform
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 09:42:47 +0200 (CEST)

Hello Derek,

sorry for the late reply.

> I've been integrating FreeType for text rendering in a game engine
> and have everything I need working, but I recently ran into an
> oddity.  When switching from using FT_Set_Transform before loading a
> glyph to FT_Glyph_Transform on the copy of the glyph I render with,
> I noticed that the glyph advances were slightly different between
> the two transform functions, even though both use
> FT_Vector_Transform.
> What seems to be going on is that when the advance is transformed in
> FT_Set_Transform, FT_MulFix is multiplying a 26.6 fixed-point value
> (the face advance vector) by a 16.16 value (the matrix), whereas
> FT_Glyph_Transform is multiplying two 16.16 values (the glyph
> advance is 16.16).  The side-effect is that when FT_MulFix adds 1/2
> to round the intermediate value, the math is different depending on
> the fixed-point precision of that intermediate value.
> The difference is minor (and not visible from what I can tell), but
> I'm seeing a couple off-by-one errors when calculating control boxes
> after transforming with FT_Glyph_Transform.
> I’m not really sure this is something that should be fixed, and I
> have a simple workaround by converting the glyph advance to 26.6
> before transforming, then back to 16.16 afterwards.  It's definitely
> odd that you can get different values for the advance depending on
> when the transform is applied, though.
> I don't really have a question beyond: is my understanding of what's
> going on correct?

Your understanding is correct: `FT_Face::FT_GlyphSlot::advance` is in
26.6 format, while `FT_Glyph::advance` is in 16.16 format, and the
different rounding causes slight differences in the result.

And I agree that there is probably nothing to be fixed except the
documentation, which should mention this difference, and how to
circumvent it if necessary.


By the way, do you have a reason to mix `FT_Set_Transform` with
`FT_Glyph_Transform` to get the same advance widths?  Otherwise, the
difference shouldn't be an issue, right?


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