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Interested in your GSOC project

From: Kunwar Kuldeep Srivastava
Subject: Interested in your GSOC project
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 10:43:57 +0530

I am a second year student pursuing my Bachelors in Electronics and
Communicating Engineering from University of Allahabad, India.
I am also taking CS50x, an online program of Introduction to Computer
Science by Harvard University.

The programming knowledge I currently posses restricts itself to only one
language which is C. Your GSOC project titled "Add a capability database to
FreeType's auto-hinter" has requirements falling in domain of my knowledge.
I have written c programs for backing up lost images from a FAT32 memory
card, encoding decoding programs, programs to create a photo editor etc and
these are toughest projects I have done yet.

This being my first step in the world of open sources, I am a little
sceptical of my capabilities for eligibility. I would be thankful if
someone from mentoring team helps me decide if I am the right person for
this project.
Thank You

Kunwar Kuldeep Srivastava

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