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[Fsfe-france] Re: DNS fsfrance.org

From: loic
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Re: DNS fsfrance.org
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 19:51:08 +0200

Joel N. Weber II writes:
 >         For some reason it does not work to use NS1.FR.FSF.ORG. Additionaly
 >    I think devnull might have ideas on this subject. For instance it might
 >    be best to call it ns2.gnu.org.
 > What is meant by ``it does not work''?  I assume you got an error
 > message somewhere?  Telling me what that error message is would help
 > me to understand within which space I should start guessing wildly.

        Sorry for not being precise. In order to use ns1.fr.fsf.org as a
dns server it has to be registered as such by the owner of fsf.org (the
technical contact for the domain). Same for ns2.gnu.org.

 > I'd originally proposed ns1.fsffrance.org, but I'm not sure if I have
 > strong feelings as to whether we use the name ns1.fsffrance.org or
 > ns2.gnu.org.  In a way, I like the descriptiveness that comes from

        Let's go for ns1.fsffrance.org then. I created it and Raphael
can enter it as a DNS in the gandi.net registrar since he is the 
technical contact for fsffrance.org.


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