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[Fsfe-france] Idée de projet de visualisation de la vitalité de la commu

From: loic
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Idée de projet de visualisation de la vitalité de la communauté des développeurs
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 09:59:54 +0200

Olivier Berger writes:
 > Salut.
 > Voici un mémo décrivant un projet à développer (sauf si ça existe déjà)
 > qui permettrait de visualiser la vitalité de la communauté des
 > développeurs du logiciel libre.
 > Désolé, c'est en anglais (enfin, j'essaye de me faire comprendre) :
 > (idée de nom de projet : World Almost Real-time Developpers Positioning
 > System)
 > This project aims at developing a system which would allow easy
 > geographical representation of Free Software Developpers on the
 > terrestrial globe maps. This would be a great way to represent the
 > vitality of the Free Software community, as well as a contact tool
 > which could help in joining people traveling alot.
 > This project was discussed by members of the french chapter of the FSF
 > Europe and myself, on the way back from Essen, where the general
 > assembly of the FSF Europe was held. It started as a joke, when we
 > thought how cool it would be to have real-time localization of the
 > Free Software developers if they had some GPS with them.
 > Even if we don't think that exact and real-time positioning is needed,
 > it would still be cool to get some graphical representation (on a
 > volontary based registration of the developpers when they arrive to a
 > new location), and see those great migrations when community groups
 > gather (GNU/Linux trade shows, GUADEC, Usenix, etc.).
 > The system would ideally consist in a web site with a database of each
 > developer's last known location (and status / ways he can be joined,
 > etc.), and a graphical representation system. This system could be
 > implemented by providing ways for developers to enter latitude and
 > longitude coordinates in a form (which they could get from public web
 > sites converting city to coordinates... any available ?). It would
 > then give the user access to maps of earth/continent/countries,
 > etc. which would represent the people in those areas, and maybe the
 > moves since last positions. This would draw trajectories and/or spots
 > of variable width that could be rather cool (imagine that you see all
 > these people arriving to the LSM for Debian Conference, then migrating
 > to the LinuxTag, etc.).
 > Allright, I think my description is long enough.

        Nice and amusing. Add task in Long Term category ? 

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