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[Fsfe-france] Re: The Community is the Company

From: loic
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Re: The Community is the Company
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 04:43:58 +0200

        I'm not FreeDevelopers educated enough to answer you. Tony
could you explain why it could work ? 

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o?= Miguel Neves writes:
 > > 
 > >
 > > 
 > [Warning: I'm a Computer engineer who has taken a few business classes
 > and helps somes companies top level management understand their
 > systems.]
 > It's interesting as an idea, but solely as that. This won't work. The
 > reason why free software has worked so well so far is the connection
 > between users and developers: the user is the develloper. Even
 > Microsoft, who is usually accused of not listening to its customers has
 > the biggest usability labs in the world (yes, one of the reasons word
 > has so many features is that they put "everything" in it the usability
 > labs tell them to).
 > Now, if you believe Microsoft is not a sucessful company, from not only
 > a financial view, but also from a political/advocacy point of view, then
 > ignore this.
 > The structure they propose is not different from proprietary software
 > companies, it's just like them, but like the ones who were beaten up by
 > MS. I believe this proposal was done with the best of intentions, but it
 > has no way to survive, at least not in the big picture.
 > BTW I believe it's impossible to have a single entity doing the role
 > proposed for freedevelopers.net. Can someone explain me why, on a
 > networked world, someone proposes a single entity point of access ? 

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