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[Fsfe-france] Re: The Community is the Company

From: João Miguel Neves
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Re: The Community is the Company
Date: 26 May 2001 21:09:28 +0100

On 26 May 2001 16:58:31 +0200, address@hidden wrote:
>  >     - Software should be free because it can enforce controls on people.
>       Is this what you meant or is there a typo ? 
This is the main point of the document at
http://FreeDevelopers.net/press/whydecl/, that software should be free
because it's more like law than literature because it can enforce what
and how people can do things. It's one of the documents Ton refered me

>  > My this is just a question of belief, but I don't believe that a single
>  > entity (FSMC) can represent either the diversity or the power of free
>  > software. I understand marketing has giving to people what they want or
>       I think the idea is that this company is much more like a nation
> (hence the declaration) than a company. In that sense it will represent
> the diversity of Free Software in the same way as France represents
> the diversity of the French culture.
My problem is that the company, as described now, goes against the 4
freedoms. It assumes that the company acts as the only distribution
channel. I don't believe this can happen, even looking at it as a
                                                Joao Miguel Neves

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