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[Fsfe-france] Re: FSF, APRIL, FSF France and GNU working together

From: loic
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Re: FSF, APRIL, FSF France and GNU working together
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 11:26:08 +0200

Bradley M. Kuhn writes:
 > Does FSF Europe collect these reports somewhere in a file, or savannah
 > project ;)?  I'd like find some volunteer, at year's end, to go through
 > them, and write a summary in a page worth of text on "What FSF Europe did
 > in 2001", so that we can put it in the FSF annual report.  I think that's
 > a great way to increase awareness about FSF Europe in the states, and
 > strengthen our (already strong ;) affiliation with each other.

        All the reports of this kind are in www.gnu.org/fsfe/fr/news/
or france.fsfeurope.org/news/, therefore they are in the
savannah.gnu.org/projects/fsfe and savannah.gnu.org/projects/www since
they both cover this part of the www.gnu.org CVS tree. They are
syndicated using an RSS file that is published on various news
channels. The idea is to also syndicate them in
www.fsfeurope.org/news/ as soon as someone takes some time to build
this directory.

 > (If anyone would want to volunteer for that, they are welcome. ;)

        Olivier Berger has been working on the news channel this week.
I added a task reminder for the annual report. What's the date of publication ?
When should the summary be ready ?

 > address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
 > >      The FSF distribution office (DO) is located in Boston downtown,
 > We actually have begun calling this the "FSF Main Offices" publicly.  The
 > offices got the name "DO" because the office was originally just for
 > distributing magnetic tapes, CDs, t-shirts, and books.

        So it would be MO for short, right ?-)

 > Actually, there's new information on this front.  I was told recently that
 > an MIT subsidiary (or something like that) bought the building, and it
 > won't be demolished.  However, the CS department is still moving, which
 > means RMS and the GNU offices there will probably move within the next
 > five years.

        RMS noticed this and I already fixed it on the online version.

 > Noted elsewhere on this thread, Lisa is the "Business Manager", not
 > "Account Manager".

        I fixed this too.

 > ...and sadly my brain's hard drive is usually thrashing, and it's hard to
 > get real work done with all that swapping going on.  ;)

 > Actually, I was juggling at least 10 contexts that day in between calls.
 > ;)

        I replaced the figures with your estimations.

 > >   16. http://france.fsfeurope.org/news/address@hidden
 > This link is dead.... What is it supposed to be?

        Fixed, forgot mailto:. 

 > BTW, have you all set up some sort of software system for handling these
 > reports. 

        Barely the XSLT/XHTML as every page on *.fsfeurope.org + lynx
--dump does the job.


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