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[Fsfe-france] [Nat Makarevitch <address@hidden>] Re: "I Agree"

From: Olivier Berger
Subject: [Fsfe-france] [Nat Makarevitch <address@hidden>] Re: "I Agree"
Date: 16 Jul 2001 10:42:53 +0200

Pour info ...

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lu dans 0xdeadbeef, me semble potentiellement lourd de conséquences pour le
libre aux USA (?) :


User Agreements and a 'Timeless Issue'


Finding that "the timeless issue of assent" has continuing vitality
in the realm of cyberspace, a federal judge has ruled that Internet
users who downloaded free software from a Web site were not bound
by the terms of a software licensing agreement because they never
consented to it.

The ruling, which was issued on July 5th, is one of the first
decisions to directly address whether a person's mere use of a Web
site -- without first reading legal fine print and clicking an "I
agree" button -- can constitute consent to an agreement governing
the use of the site or its products.



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