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Re: [Fsfe-france] Re: 01net Conference (December 20)

From: Anne Possoz
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-france] Re: 01net Conference (December 20)
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 01:32:48 +0100

Loïc Dachary wrote:
> We should just make clear
> that they are proprietary software advocates when they try to look
> like Free Software advocates in disguise. Maybe we should ask to
> organizers to change the title of the event so that it makes this less
> ambiguous.

That would certainly make sense. Maybe the best solution?
But probably too late for that.
On the other hand, due to the title, I suspect that people with an 
of what free software is will be there. They will not stay without
reaction. Am I too optimistic? Could it be that there will be a real

Oh! But I just check the subscription page and the price to 
is very high: 700/600 EUR (Am I wrong?). Then the chance to have 
knowing what Free Software really is diminishes.

I need more time to think what could be the reaction.
When will the FSF make its move? Is it already decided that
Frederic will participate on the last board? 

>       There are many Open Source conferences with a similar
> proprietary flavor. To my knowledge this is the first Free Software
> conference with the same proprietary flavor. Maybe it is a consequence
> of the success we have to convince journalists and newspapers to use
> Free Software instead of Open Source. But it's also a responsibility.
> If the same event was titled Open Source it would not be our responsibility
> to ensure the name is not abused. Since it is "Logiciel Libre" it becomes
> the responsibility of every people valuing freedom to make sure the
> Free Software word is not abused in this way.

Although I am not a member of FSF I am very concerned by that
conference, but not only by that.

>       I hope I was able to share my thoughts on the subject. Be
> assured that I'm *not* convinced that what I suggest is the right
> solution. I'm convinced, however, that the situation is new and calls
> for a new strategy in some way.

Before thinking more, I would say this:
 - don't try that FSF be on the board as it was not scheduled
 - the idea of giving a page or two with some explanation of what is
   said is probably best
 - that strategy will continue so thinking of it will help for the
   future too

What is also not clear to me is who this conference discuss
the 2 aspects:
 - free software in enterprise : using them
   Today, I would argue that it is a good idea to use them for
   servers, hiring qualified people, but a little too early for
   end users. It takes time to change habits and it is better to
   do it at the right time.
 - free software in enterprise : creating softwares, free, open, proprietary
   Here the situation is more difficult. Making business out of it
   is not easy at all and getting funds for free software development
   is quite impossible.

The more time goes on, the more I think we should spend energy
promoting the use of free software in school, as the first used
computing tools. But that's for another thread.


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