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[Fsfe-france] Linux in Youthwork

From: Phil
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Linux in Youthwork
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 22:50:40 +0100
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    bonjour à toutes et à tous  :-)

  je me permet de transmettre cette annonce ; en espérant qu'elle
vous intéressera.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 01:34:31PM -0500, Roger Peña Escobio wrote:
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> Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:56:27 -0300
> From: Cláudio Menezes <address@hidden>
> To: Software Libre <address@hidden>,
>      Boyan Radoykov <address@hidden>
> Subject: Linux in Youthwork
> Please, disseminate. CM
>    1. linux in youthwork (Andrea Mayr)
> We are currently planning a meeting which will be held this summer in
> vienna.
> There will be people joining from youth-facilities from germany,
> bulgaria and austria, which are interested in starting to implement
> linux in their locations. As the host and organiser for this event, we
> also want to invite professional linux users respectively programme
> developers in order to discuss strategies which could help us to reach
> this goal.
> We are looking for participants out of both fields: professional linux
> users as well as people from youth facilities. The European Unions YOUTH
> programme finances the participation of youthworkers (no schools and
> universities unfortunately). If you know about such a place or a person
> who works within such an environment, please pass this announcement on.
> (deadline for this call is 27th of march)
> If you are somebody who is qualified in using and/or developing specific
> programms and you would like to attend, please contact us, so that we
> can start coordinating relevant issues.
> The estimated number of participants is about 30. 
> Generally: Thanks for your work within KDE.
> Best, 
> Andrea  
> That's the Announcement:
> ----------------------------------------------
> Please pass this invitation on to people who might be interested in 
> attending.
> Netbridge, located in Vienna/Austria, is a coordination agency for IT 
> and CT in youth work. We are a non-profit organisation, physically and
> organisationally hosted by Austria's Center for Social Innovation. Our
> aim is to help youth workers to deal with computer technology. We try to
> generate competence by offering training courses, inform about
> individual project-relevant issues or simply offer advice on their
> specific problems related to new media. 
> We are looking for partners in order to apply to a European union 
> program called "YOUTH"(action 5). Our intention is to bring together 
> partners to work on solutions that should make it easier for youth 
> workers to use Linux in their work with kids. As our experience clearly
> shows, youth workers are in general attracted to Linux but fear
> unexpected problems (i.e. configuration, compatibility) when using it on
> a daily basis. There exists a need for specific information as well as
> for specifically configured setups or tools. 
> We are looking for people who are interested to cooperate in working on
> solutions that can help to reach this goal. 
> We are looking for people/institutions that: 
> - have experience in working with kids or youngsters, on 
>   professional or simply private levels and do use Linux to support    
> the kids computer skills. 
> - do have the technical qualification as well as the motivation to     
> work on solutions for this project 
> - do have experience in other relevant fields, like organizing         
> support scenarios, or promoting/sponsoring concepts that are         
> compatible with the idea of free software in general, etc 
> - are active in youthwork and are planning to implement linux. 
> emphasized questions we will keep track of: 
> - What's the motivation of using free software in youthwork? 
> - Which steps need to be taken in order to facilitate the first        
> contact with Linux? (on a technical basis i.e. offering 
>   bootable cd-rom's) 
> - What meassures need to be taken permanently in order to 
>   support a long term use of Linux? 
> - Which initiatives have got to be set locally, which ones are 
>   predestined to be done world/nationwide. 
> - In which ways does the initiative gain publicity? 
> The Main Event takes place from 21.-27.July 2002 (alternatively:
> 25.8-1.9.2002) 
> Goal of this event will be to get sustainable solutions in answer to the
> above questions. Solutions, in this context may be conceptual, 
> as well as technical ones. Discoursive exchange of experience 
> should help us to reach conclusions for specific problems. These results
> are intended to be applied by producing new, or improving already
> available utilities. The outcome of the project should be useable as an
> information pool and a platform to explain concepts 
> of exemplary realisations of using Linux in youthwork. Up to 25 
> people can attend and will get 100% of travel cost as well as about 50
> Euro per day (contribution to accommodation costs). 
> If you want to participate in this common effort, please contact: 
> address@hidden
> Deadline for this Call is Wednesday, 27th of March, 2002. 
> Due to application terms you need a background organisation which is
> active in the field of youth activities. 
> Following link describes the partnership information we need to receive
> from you. If you have any problems concerning this issue please do not
> hesitate to contact us. 
> http://www.netbridge.at/partners.html 
> Netbridge - Coordination Office 
> for New Technology and Youthwork in Vienna/Austria, 
> Koppstrasse 116/11, 1160 Vienna, Austria 
> phone.: +43 (1) 4950442/75, fax.: +43 (1) 4950442/40
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