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From: Foster Nwachukwu
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 04:15:41 -0400


My name is Foster Nwachukwu an Accountant with the Ajaokuta Steel Company Ltd 
(ASCL). My duty includes awards of contracts, vetting and making payments on 
behalf of my Ministry (ASCL). I got your contact from the Internet on my search 
for Honest/ Reliable person or company to execute this business together. 

SUBJECT: After due consideration, I have fully agreed to privately invest 
extensively in a very good business venture. I am intending to retire from 
government services to private business I decided to contact you for an urgent 
proposal. I have decided to deal with a neutral person like you because of the 
nature of the transaction as I will equally be happy to arrange with you on 
terms of trade and possible transfer of the funds needed for the investment 
into your company?s account or personal account. 

These funds were incurred as a kick back lifting of oil by the last top 
military government. Note that the former President of Nigeria late Gen. Sani 
Abacha and his Cabinet allowed the nations refineries to collapse. This was a 
ground plot by the late head of state and his cabinets to enable them lift the 
Nations oil through the back door to their foreign counterpart 
in other to enrich their individual foreign bank account. This money (US$75M)is 
now floating in the Federal Ministry of Finance as a redundant fund waiting to 
be claimed. Because of our new Federal Government Decree on Civil Servants, 
we are officially not allowed to own a company or operate a foreign bank 
account. Hence my soliciting for your assistance to enable me receives this 
fund into your company?s account or personal account pending when I come over 
for the sharing. 

To enable me start the process and remittance of the fund into your bank 
account successfully within 14 banking days, I need the following information 
from you by e-mail or Fax: 

* Beneficiary?s name, address, private telephone /fax number. 
* Your bank particulars including your bank name, address and your account 

Note that as soon as I receive this information it will be forwarded to the 
appropriate quarters for final processing and approvals. With the modalities I 
have worked out it makes it possible for you to act as a contractor who worked 
under my ministry and now waiting to receive his payment and when 
satisfied by the agencies your bank account will be credited within 48 banking 

This transfer is 100% risk free having done all the underground works locally 
for the smooth transfer of the fund into your bank account within the shortest 
period. I advised that you should keep this transaction a top secret and rest 
all correspondence to fax, e-mail or phone only, because I am occupying a 
sensitive position in the government circle and also this is once in a lifetime 

Finally I want you to assure me that you will work on my instruction and my own 
share of the money will be safe. You will be rewarded with 30% of the total sum 
for your honest assistance and co-operation 10% for all type of expense that we 
both parties might incur during the course of this transaction 
and the balance of 60% remain for me. 

Contact me on fax number 234-1-759-9114 or by return mail for any question and 
further discussion. 

Awaiting your urgent response. 

Best regards, 

Foster Nwachukwu. 

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