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Re: [Fsfe-france] Creation de deux revues scientifiques "gratuites"

From: Laurent GUERBY
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-france] Creation de deux revues scientifiques "gratuites"
Date: 01 Jun 2003 14:52:20 +0200

On Sat, 2003-05-31 at 15:06, Loic Dachary wrote:
> > http://www.lemonde.fr/article/0,5987,3244--321281-,00.html
> > Le modèle économique proposé par la PLoS repose sur une contributio=
> > n financière des auteurs
>       Je trouve cette approche particulièrement bizarre. J'ai entendu
> dire qu'elle était évoquée à l'ACM en ce moment. Plus tu es riche plus
> tu publie. Les revues scientifiques transformées en publi rédactionel ?
> Hum.
>       J'espère qu'ils trouveront autre chose.

Voir a la fin du message pour les extraits pertinents. 

Actuellement les gens impliques dans ce type de projet estiment qu'ils
faut une source de financement pour rentrer dans la place
contre les publications commerciales au moins a court
terme, a plus long terme il semble evident que
les couts vont aller a zero. 

Ca me semble bien joue, l'idee est de capter une partie des budgets des
grosses institutions et fondations qui sont actuellement
diriges vers les editeurs "classiques" et qui servent
donc au lobbying anti publication ouverte.

Il y a des annees de debat derriere ce mouvement.



Why should I have to pay to publish my paper?
It costs money to produce a peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted article
that is ready for online publication. We ask that, as a small part of
the cost of doing the research, the author, institution, or funding
agency pays a modest fee, $1500, to help cover the actual cost of the
essential final step in the research - the publication. The benefit to
you as an author is immediate access to the broadest possible
readership. Endorsing this view, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
which funds some of the world's leading scientific research, has
committed to paying publication costs of up to US$3000 per year as a
funding supplement for the scientists whose work it funds, so long as
their work is published in an open-access journal. 

What if I can't afford the publication charges?
The ability of authors or their institutions to pay publication charges
will never be a consideration in the decision whether to publish.

Voir aussi <http://www.plos.org/journals/model.html>

Publication Charges
The charges for publishing works in PLoS journals will reflect our
actual expenses. We expect these costs to decline over time, as
automated systems for document handling and production become more
efficient, and we will regularly reevaluate our charges to keep them in
line with expenses. We will release comprehensive financial records on a
regular schedule, to ensure transparency in this process and to provide
a detailed model that other publishers who share our goals can emulate.

As our more specialized journals will rely more on academic editors and
less on a professional editorial staff, our expenses will be lower and
thus so will the charges. In addition, wherever authors can help to
reduce our expenses (e.g., by submitting their manuscripts in document
templates that will reduce our production costs), we will pass on the
savings to the authors.

Fee Waivers
We understand that there are many scientists who might wish to publish
in our journals but do not have access to grant funds or institutional
support to allow them to pay publication fees, and we will substantially
reduce or waive the publication fees for any authors for whom such fees
would be a burden.

We never want our publication charges to be a barrier to publication and
are committed to publishing any paper that our editors and reviewers
deem to be appropriate for the journals; we treat the costs of handling
these papers as a fundamental expense of running a high-quality journal.

In addition, the Information Program of George Soros's Open Society
Institute (OSI) has announced a pilot project to support open access to
international research and scholarship, by providing $100,000 in funding
to support the publication in open-access peer-reviewed online journals
of articles by authors residing and working in countries where the Soros
Foundation's network is active. (See their grant announcement for more

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