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[Fsfe-france] FUD Microsoft au Brésil

From: Christophe Espern
Subject: [Fsfe-france] FUD Microsoft au Brésil
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:19:41 +0200
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Et un FUD de plus au crédit de Microsoft. Cette fois-ci, c'est au Brésil. Et 
Microsoft n'hésite visiblement pas à engager des poursuites contre le 
responsable LL du gouvernment brésilien (qui aurait fait une analogie entre 
fournisseurs de logiciels propriétaires et dealers de drogue).

Version en portugais :


Quelques passages traduits par Google : 

Microsoft tries to intimidate the Brazilian Government

In full week of the biggest event of free software of Latin America and one of 
the most important of the world, employee president of the Microsoft Brazil, 
Emilio Umeoka, initiates the intimidation attempt declaring that the decision 
of the Brazilian government to support free software in the computers of the 
public sector is being "influenced for the ideology". The salesman of the 
mega-company-monopolista, Mr. Umeoka, goes more far affirming that the 
sovereign decision of our government, legitimately elect, can take the 
country in the wrong direction. 


The monopoly compagny initiated a criminal proceeding against the highest 
authority of the Brazilian, governement's responsible for the implantation of 
free software, Sergio Amadeu, President of the ITI. The Brazilian authority 
received a judicial notification from a criminal proceeding moved by the 
company against supposed declarations of this, in Capital the weekly 
magazine?Carta, saying that the donation of software for governments is one 
practical type of the dealers. This declaration, attributed to Sergio Amadeu 
in the magazine, is not original. The President of SUN and some activists of 
the movement free software use this analogy: first dose of software 
distributed proprietor gratuitously is as a drug, later that the company 
creates dependence in the users starts to charge.

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