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[Fsfe-france] IEEE Spectrum & propriete intellectuelle

From: Laurent GUERBY
Subject: [Fsfe-france] IEEE Spectrum & propriete intellectuelle
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 15:17:48 +0200

Une longue serie d'articles forts interessants sur le sujet regroupés
ici :


En particulier par Ben Klemens les deux derniers de juillet / aout sont
tres bien construits a mon avis :

"Software Patents Don't Compute - No clear boundary between math and
software exists"
The courts failed to review the mathematics literature and as a result
made several vain attempts to reinvent the wheel. Software and lambda
calculus are in the same equivalence class, which means any law that
allows software to be patentable allows the patenting of the evaluation
of certain mathematical expressions.  

But, fundamentally, if we are to disallow the patenting of pure
scientific and mathematical discoveries to foster basic research and
innovation, the only way to do so is to disallow the patenting of the
states to which state machines may be set—that is, to abolish software

"New legal code - Copyrights should replace software patents"
Because it doesn't offer a patent's monopoly protection, a copyright is,
in some ways, weaker protection than a patent, but is there any evidence
that innovation would be harmed without patent protection? Before the In
re Alappat ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Circuit in July
1994, software was effectively protected only by copyright; yet it would
be difficult to claim that before 1994 the IT industry was short on


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