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[Fsfe-france] Pas de copie privee de CD a Bruxelles en appel

From: Laurent GUERBY
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Pas de copie privee de CD a Bruxelles en appel
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 21:07:30 +0200

Via la liste "IP" de David Farber.


The Brussels Court of Appeals yesterday ruled that making a private  
("backup") copy of a CD that you legally own is not a right.  It's a  
favour granted by the copyright owner in question (the record  
company).  As such, the copyright owner can take away that favour by  
applying copy protection software on its CD's.

The Court came to this ruling in a case filed by the Belgian  
customers' affairs group 'Test Aankoop' who argued that copy  
protected CD's are against the law.

I haven't seen the full text of the ruling - I've only read the  
(summarised) report in Metro, a Belgian free newspaper.

Will, no doubt, be continued.

Wim Lockefeer

Via google sur un blog :

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