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[Fsfe-france] bataille pour le successeur du DVD

From: Antoine
Subject: [Fsfe-france] bataille pour le successeur du DVD
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 01:07:07 +0200

Deux formats s'affrontent pour stocker de la vidéo haute-définition (au
minimum 25 Go sur un seul disque optique) : HD DVD et Blu-ray. Les deux
sont sévèrement bridés par des DRM, Blu-Ray semblant le pire.


« [...]
Currently, HD DVD is the only next-gen format to provide for the ability
to legally make copies of optical content. Dubbed "Managed Copy," HD DVD
implements part of the AACS control mechanism to allow for things such
as putting digital copies of a disc on a hard drive, transferring a
movie (legally) to a portable player, or streaming content on a home
network. Furthermore, HD DVD makes Managed Copy mandatory: all content
provided on HD DVD must give users the option of making at least one
copy. Jordi Ribas, director of technical strategy for the Windows
Digital Media Division, told me that while the feature is mandatory, the
studios will have the option of charging for it. Ribas hopes that
studios will allow at least a single copy "for free," but it may be
market conditions that ultimately determine the cost of such features.
The take-away, at least, is that studios have to offer something, and
AACS is structured in such a way that the studios can tap into it to
offer users more options.
[...] »



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