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[Fsfe-france] Only 4% of Titles Are Being Commercially Exploited

From: Laurent GUERBY
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Only 4% of Titles Are Being Commercially Exploited
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 23:37:41 +0100

Interessant decompte de l'effet edifiant du droit d'auteur sur les
livres effectivement disponibles aux lecteurs (la diversite
culturelle en d'autres termes). Les DRMs ne vont pas
ameliorer la situation ...


> From:         Arend Lammertink <address@hidden>
> To:   address@hidden


"Put another way, if the AAP and Author's Guild were to prevail, and 
opt-in were required, the AAP is asking us to believe that publishers are 
willing to unearth the contracts for more than 25 million books, track 
down the authors (since many of those books surely don't grant electronic 
rights to the publishers, since those rights weren't even conceived at the 
time many of those contracts were signed), and get their permission to opt 
them in, and this despite the fact that those 25 million books didn't sell 
even one copy in 2004. Try to be serious. There is no economic incentive 
for publishers to opt in books in what I've called "the twilight zone." 
This approach will make the creation of a comprehensive search engine for 
books virtually impossible."

In the comments:

"One more fact. Again, according to Bookscan (in a presentation at The 
BookStandard Summit 2005 conference), only about 7% of the 1.2 million 
titles that sold at least one copy last year sold more than 1000 copies. 
That's about 84,000 titles, or about a quarter of one percent of all the 
titles that have ever been published."

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