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Re: [Fsfe-uk] E-envoy and Open file formats

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] E-envoy and Open file formats
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 20:51:37 -0000
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Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden> wrote:
> is FLOSS, isn't the answer.  We need formats that are clearly
> documented, and supported on *many* platforms, not just those that Open
> Office runs on.

I agree that this is a problem, but this can be fixed.  The Open
Office XML file formats are documented, I believe, so it would
be fantastic if list members could help add support for them to
other applications.  For example, AbiWord uses an XML file format
too, so hopefully most of the required framework should already
be there.  It seems that it has some support already.  Bugs include

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can do some work on that or
another program.  Hopefully the OO.org developers are also helping
by putting a list of file format experts up?  I couldn't find one on
their site at a quick look, though.

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