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[Fsfe-uk] UKFSN makes a profit

From: Jason Clifford
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] UKFSN makes a profit
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 21:35:45 +0100 (BST)

As I hope you all know UKFSN, one of the ISP's I am running, has a promise 
that all profits will be paid to AFFS to fund Free Software projects in 
the UK.

Well today UKFSN's accounts went from the red into the black for the first 
time. You can see the accounts online at http://www.ukfsn.org/finance.html

Note that this doesn't mean UKFSN has made a real profit yet as in a 
couple of days Septembers base costs come into play and it's back into the 
red however it is, I believe, a significant milestone and hopefully means 
and end to me having to use a <font color="red"></font> when I enter the 
balance for each month.

Assuming that September is another good month for UKFSN (ie, income 
exceeds expenses) UKFSN will reach it's first anniversary in the black and 
I'll be writing a cheque for AFFS. I'd like to present the cheque at the 
Linux Expo if anyone from the committee is willing to be a pr tart and 
accept ;)

Jason Clifford
UKFSN.ORG               Finance Free Software while you surf the 'net
http://www.ukfsn.org/           ADSL Broadband available now

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