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Re: [Fsfe-uk] BBC Article about Linux SCO and Copyrights - BBC calls for

From: P.L.Hayes
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] BBC Article about Linux SCO and Copyrights - BBC calls for statements (fwd)
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 21:31:37 +0100
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On Friday 29 August 2003 20:43, address@hidden wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 04:36:49PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> > They can't tell the difference between the Linux kernel and the GNU
> > tools, when it suits them.  Very confused article.  Maybe the BBC is
> > trying to drive traffic through their edited comments by trolling or
> > maybe they really need help understanding?  Bill Thompson set up the
> > Guardian's "New Media Lab" but I'm not aware of him knowing about free
> > software.
> I emailed Bill once in the past when he got the wrong end of the stick
> about free software and explained some of the terms to him (that he used in
> his article) in such a way so he could avoid misusing them in the future.
> Doesn't look like it did much good :( he never replied to my email either,
> personally I feel that aunty has given him a nice job and he thinks he is
> great and doesn't care about getting things right. Seems to be his personal
> domain to talk rubbish about technology on the bbc site, I would love to
> see him got rid of (and this is not just free software I am talking about
> either) and they get someone who doesn't abuse what they get by plastering
> their ugly mug all over it.
> Adam

I sent a response to that rotten article earlier today but I don't expect it 
to appear on the site. I'm pretty sure Bill Thompson has editorial control 
over the replies. I also sent a message to the BBCi news team asking them 
where the report(s) of Wednesday's Brussels rally were. Then there's the time 
I asked about the mysterious disappearing Ogg stream initiative...


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