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Re: [Fsfe-uk] ReplaceFlash, was: BBC digital curriculum service in Engla

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] ReplaceFlash, was: BBC digital curriculum service in England
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 00:28:38 +0100

On 2004-10-14 12:11:24 +0100 Alex Hudson <address@hidden> wrote:

Methodology and sample is at the bottom.

Thanks, I missed it there. I read the methodology details published. It's not 98.3% European users but 98.3% English-speaking Europeans who are on the NPD Online panel. The NPD Online Panel seems to consist of those people who click "Join Now" at www.npdor.com. I wonder why they've not published any range estimates...

That's certainly far higher than I would expect from experiences around here.
I think we're talking about different markets, though. I'm talking about
direct commercial experience developing online language learning

Ah, right. I'd missed that context.

[...] The standards may not change; the browser
support sadly does (witness Moz dropping SVG, I guess).

You've written that a few times, but did they drop it? The 1.7 README says it's new and "not yet enabled" in the mozilla.org builds. To me, that suggests that they intend to enable it later. http://www.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla1.7/README.html#new

Digging around, I also found http://www.croczilla.com/svg/ which led to the notes http://www.croczilla.com/~alex/fosdem2003/mozilla-implementation.html that makes it seem that it all started with an education project! It doesn't mention it being enabled in the main build.

Anyone with a burning desire for tetris in the browser? Sounds like a killer app for college use ;-)

http://www.cwi.nl/projects/Ambulant/Why.html (and the AMBULANT project)
looks interesting for this discussion.

I had seen that project, but it seems I completely misjudged it.

[...] Helix is the place to start. It has SMIL 2.0 somehow, it also has a range of audio and video codecs. The question is, how do we get SVG (or
a similar graphic) into the Helix player?

Hard work, probably. So, there seems to be both Helix and Ambulant which could give rise SMIL+SVG players in the near future? (I know it says Ambulant is a not a consumer player, but could a fork...?)

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