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[Fsfe-uk] DTI Software Patents meeting, 14 Dec: FFII urgent feedback req

From: James Heald
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] DTI Software Patents meeting, 14 Dec: FFII urgent feedback request
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 20:25:05 +0000
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Please reply questionnaire to  dti_0412 @ ffii.org.uk

-- FFII Urgent Feedback Request --- 28 November 2004 --
+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
-- Please redistribute widely --


(see news http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/11/09/patent_charm/ )

*Reminder*: if you have had an invitation to the DTI Q&A meeting
on software patents, the Deadline for registration is 30 November
(*this Tuesday*).

FFII is urgently trying to find out
 * who has and who has not been invited by the DTI.
 * who would be interested in FFII events in London on 13/14
 * who would be interested in block-booked hotel accomodation the
on the night of the Monday 13th Dec, before the DTI event.

Whether or not you are going to the meeting, if you have ever
written to your MP at Westminster about software patents, please
fill in the check-boxes in the questionnaire at the end of this
email, and reply the whole thing back to:  dti_0412 (at) ffii.org.uk

Further information on the evils of software patents at

FFII planned events:

Monday, 13 December

7pm - 9pm   Briefing/workshop on software patents & the DTI meeting
              at University College, London.

We need to have an idea of numbers soon, see check-box in questionnaire

Block-booked accomodation

Accomodation is possible at the Royal National Hotel nearby,
Block-booked rate:
        £48 -- single-occupied twin room
        £24 -- shared twin room
But if you might want a room, we must have an expression of interest
on the questionnaire below *now*, as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 14 December

Breakfast:  you might like to try to set up a meeting with your MP

9.30am - 12   Meeting at the DTI

Afterwards:   we're planning to repair to a nearby hostelry, where
we may be joined by journalists to discuss the morning's events.

But space is limited. So again, if you want to be there, please do
check the box below.


To discuss preparations for the meeting further, please join
     uk-parl @ ffii.org
by sending email to uk-parl-request @ ffii.org with subject: Subscribe

There is also a scratch page for questions at

If you have not already done so, please send us a copy of any mail
you have sent to your MP to us at   uk-parl-sent @ ffii.org.uk

You might also like to adapt the contents as public testimony for
These make even more impact if you can cite numbers of jobs or real
turnover, at risk from software patents.

But please fill in the questionnaire, first thing of all!!

Thank you for your help,

   UK committee, FFII.

-- QUESTIONNAIRE -----------------------------------------------
Please mark [*] for yes as appropriate, and reply this email to:
        dti_0412 @ ffii.org.uk

Name:  ......

MP (if known): .....
Constituency:  .....

[ ] -- I have written to my MP about software patents
[ ] -- He/She has replied

[ ] -- I have had an invitation to the DTI event
[ ] -- I intend to go
[ ] -- I have registered
[ ] -- I have had a reply confirming my registration
[ ] -- I believe my MP will be attending

[ ] -- I would like to attend the event at UCL the night before
[ ] -- I could be interested in a single room at the Royal National
Hotel (£48)
[ ] -- I could be interested in sharing a twin room at the hotel (£24)
[ ] -- I will make other arrangements for the Monday night
[ ] -- I would like to meet up in the pub afterwards

[ ] -- I copied the letter to my MP to  uk-parl-sent @ ffii.org.uk
[ ] -- I have submitted testimony to  www.protectinnovation.org
[ ] -- I will copy the letter to my MP to uk-parl-sent @ ffii.org.uk
[ ] -- I will submit testimony to  www.protectinnovation.org

Please forgive us if you have recieved the message more than once;
and please redistribute it widely -- we are trying to reach as many
as possible of the likely attendees as soon as possible.

Remember, please reply this message to  dti_0412 @ ffii.org.uk

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